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event: INT_18

date: February 5, 2021

T. Mikawa / Moth Cock / CK Barlow / Transient Novasak

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Three showtimes:
8:30 pre-show / 9pm show Greenwich Mean Time
(3:30/4pm EST)

8:30 pre-show / 9pm show Eastern Standard Time

8:30 pre-show / 9pm show Pacific Standard Time
(11:30pm/Midnight EST)

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suggested 10USD
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T. Mikawa

Toshiji Mikawa is electronic noise player of Hijokaidan , and leader of Incapacitants.

The sound he produces is most similar to the what is labelled as Japanoise in the West. He creates “harsh” noise sound. His music is available on CDs from Alchemy records.

He has started an incredibe japanoise collaboration with Mac ITO(ex.Nord). The duo of Mikawa and M.ITO is named MITOKAWA which means “contents and skin” in Japanese. They will release full CD album in the near future with Japanoise records.

Moth Cock

Built over Gent’s freewheeling saxophone improvisations which Modugno processes through effects and live-layers over his own fragmented loop structures, a typical Moth Cock session accumulates layer after layer of brass, stuttered percussion patterns, and goofy sound effects. The duo’s fields of sound grow denser with each burst of input, including vocal hiccups and trumpet fanfares from Modugno alongside Gent’s ever-spiraling sax-mangling. Eventually the margin fades away between lead voices and background elements, between what they’re performing at that given moment and what sounds remain looped and recalled from minutes before. The resulting sessions are deeply disorienting and time-dilating, while maintaining a sense of unpredictability and unhinged comedic glee.

CK Barlow

CK has a long history of live sampling with a variety of gear in a variety of formats, including with the acclaimed avant-orchestral conduction-improv ensemble Out of Context, the avant-EDM trio Useless Eaters, and mJane with Molly Sturges. In her solo improvisations, which start with no prepared sounds, she enjoys making bad things sound beautiful and vice versa. She is a proud member of Baltimore's High Zero collective, teaches college-level music tech for several schools, and has music placements on roughly 1,000 television episodes.

website: http://www.ckbarlow.com

merch: https://ckbarlow.bandcamp.com


Transient is a solo and collaborative project in which Molina explores electro-acoustic, ambient, noise, industrial, free improvisation, and experimental music. He sometimes plays traditional acoustic instruments, or invented and found object instruments, and filters them through electronics, effects pedals, loops them and then alters the samples in real time. The results can be meditative soundscapes which are either light, beautiful and haunting, or dark and disturbing. Other times it can be beat driven layers of noise, or a wall of shoegaze noise guitar. He recently released the live album “It Was Always Here” with trumpet player Darren Johnston. Other collaborators include: John Ingle (violinist), Yvette Jackson (composer/sound artist), the late composer Chris Webb, George Cremachi (bass); electronic musicians: Thomas Dimuzio, Polar, Garret La Fever, Miguel Hernandez, Mickey Tachibana, and Kyron; saxophonists: the late Marco Eneidi, Drew Ceccatto, Marc Williams, Alex Weiss, and Ackamoor/Molina Duet; video artist Mickey T, filmmaker Anna Geyer, and performance artist Violeta Luna.

website: http://www.drmsound.com

merch: https://davidrmolina.bandcamp.com


website: http://novasak.com/

Join the stream on twitch.tv/2xmono

8:30 pre-show / 9pm show
Eastern Standard Time
please donate
suggested 10USD
all proceeds to the performers

don't miss the stream
the show will not be archived

Ami Yamasaki / Chuck Bettis / Hali Polomboe / Dave Seidel Kevin Blackistone